Working Process and  The core 23 of the King.

Working Process

The wilderness society organization of Thailand established since 5 December 1997 (NGO) the foundation funded by faithful donors. They also require donating to support check dam construction. The benefit from this foundation will provide to others royal projects related to the objectives of our organization; nevertheless, we initially consider to the donors intentions as well.

This foundation follows the objectives of donors who intend to develop human resources and to sustain the royal projects which generally focus on people, ecosystem, and the stability of our nation.  All objectives have the only one destination that is the well-being of the citizen as self sufficient life style. However, the sum of donations is not enough to build small check dams, to help the poor agriculturalists who lack of seeds, education, and occupation development. Many institutes offered to them a lot of objects excluding know-how. It is similar to give them some food but they do not know how to cook and produce it. The wilderness society organization of Thailand insists on promoting new agricultural technology. Local people are campaigned to afforest for preserving the ecosystem. Therefore, the financial supports from faithful donators are still needed. The more we gain, the more we can provide the assistance to villagers. We plan to yearly report the funds administration to the donors

The core 23 of the King.

Article 1  can do is learn the system.
What does the documentation for both staff and residents.
The information is really useful. For example, the drug must be.
The depth of information. I failed. Need to learn different.
The talk of numbers, but do not let the numbers fool us.
Great to see, but beauty is not a matter of fact, heterosexual.
I have a problem worthy of the blame must be accepted.
In fact, before you begin editing.

Article 2 of the explosion.
Strengthening of the understanding, and I do.
Not instructed to do so. I do not understand it does not separate out the value.
A lot of reasons to do so should do.

Article 3 of the small problems.
This looks like everything but the solution must start from a small start is quite large.
And should look into what is often overlooked if the pain is not a brain to think like a headache.
A word that sounds funny, but it is a little deeper. A wide-narrow. I think the rough.
Before acting on the small successes and then expand. Do not look the same across the country.
But investment has little effect. In the end, everyone is exhausted. But I do have a few people.

Article 4 by-step process.
I do not like what it lacks is a necessity.
Such as public health issues to be resolved before then.
I went to the public. Followed by the occupation.
If done step by step. It is easy to accomplish such a task.
Drug treatment -> Promote -> Restoration -> back on.
Normal society is one of the nation.

Article 5 Social geography and landscape.
Everything works. Regardless of whether the geographic region.
What is the weather and sea border.
Our society is. What the religious habit.
What is the mood. To each other if we do not know.
He knows how we will win the battle. Projects across the country.
Not have to look at specific areas. Ministry of Health design.
Health centers across the country. Sometimes it's not good.

Article 6 work holistically.
The idea of ​​linkage. To the incident and promising to fix the link.
Holistic <-------------> full link to "shock the flowers cool stars," as saying.
Listening to it over a little, but it's true everything is interrelated. Not strictly separated.

Article 7 is not a textbook.
The overhead could not survive the theory, too, sometimes we do not do what we do.
Sometimes be helpful to the natural environment and social psychology.

 Article 8 with save.
Easy to get the most done for their own local.
Using simple technology, such as reforestation without planting it.
Give yourself some time, the ritual is held in the Great Forest.
By a tractor to plow the smooth wood of the tree.
To do more comedy like this, there are plenty of Thai society.
Concepts Input ----> Process ----> Output page.
The most simple.

Article 9 makes it easy.
What a way to make sure it made things difficult.
Send the New Spec to become a French reporter asked him.
He does work. He is said to be French.
"I feed the calf Yue," which in English means. City implemented free (simplify).
Language that makes it easy to invite people to do simple things.
To be difficult. I told the officer that if one drug.
Call for help, ask him what the first word.
"You will allow me to find you, or you'll come to me now".

Article 10 of the participants.
I accept the opportunity to comment to the firm. Comments are being heard.
Collection of ideas. We will process it to good use.

Article 11 shall be based on common interests.
Of California. Somebody like me, think of the common good. The public is to help.
Yourself, because when the public benefit. We have to help each other solve problems.
Public drug benefit. Children safe from drugs, but also nationally.
I hope it is not that we are not.
Article 12 offers a single point.
Today we speak. Day Stop Service. But it said more than 20 years ago. 6 of the Research and Development Centre.
Nationwide, more than 20 years of service as a modern one anyway.

Article 13 The nature and nature.
The natural water from the river. Allow the forest to his career.
We will reduce drug problems to help care for drug abuse, he would not go back and repeat.
Able to help us make a united front, which will increase the balance.
The problem is I would not be biased with a brilliant mind.
Article 14 The wicked conquer evil.
Water hyacinth is a problem in our country. The waste problem is to eliminate the problem.
The drug problem. The moral development of the Thai people are very fair.
Land should be booming.

Article 15 in the forest.
Reforestation is the first sense. To the value before you begin to take drugs.
If people do not do this because it is the duty of the success has to do with it, but if I can.
He helped his parents to return to the bosom of which only one is worth a million dollars.
The power struggle with drugs occur in your mind. It features a gold lion in the heart.
To wake up to it.

Article 16 The profit and loss.
Do not look at the income that is too much money.
Sometimes we can profit from a loss.
Nature of investing is back.
The return on investment is enormous.
I have a tremendous amount back.
Tremendous amount of knowledge that can help.

Article 17 of self-reliance.
King taught us self-sufficient because the consumer society is a slave to the manufacturer's reliance.
I have made myself a slave. When I try to solve the immediate problems to be self-reliant.
Article 18 enough to eat.
Enough to eat and then we develop a treatment before ==> prop ==>.
Advisory ==> is to help others.
Article 19 Sufficiency Economy.
As the struggle to cope with.
Change of management.
With drug problems to consider.
It's based on the principle of sufficiency economy.

Article 20 to integrity and sincerity.
People who are cheating, but I know a lot of people.
But I do not have heroes, heroines.
Contributing to the moral.
Others are working on drugs.
The hero is a heroine.

Article 21 is very happy.
"I work with. I have nothing to give. I have enjoyed sharing in the benefits to others.
The only "do what needs to be happy with. Because of this long war. If we do not have.
If we lose, but happily we are the only people involved with drugs to be happy.
Enjoy working range. I have already won.

Article 22 of perseverance.
With over 60 years and it is not.
He does not give leave.
Take time off work.

Article 23 about unity.
Ideas to work.
= I need to know about the problem to the solution of the problem.
love= I know it must be like. In the proxy that is good. As a nation we want to do.
Harmonious= Unity to the action. The power to separate worthless. A killer combination for ourselves.
know= I know all about their work and family life, how to recognize them has strengths and weaknesses, especially the bosses.
Iove = the best care to each other.
The optimistic view is that = unity.




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