People Samoeng" Walk "father".
Effort to create slow down check dam water 4500.

His father, a trail sufficient.

"Dam Meo tribe" or "slow down the water dam" is a local name. Using materials available locally, such as stones stick to water in a small stream or water to flow slowly and apprehension in the region long enough to assimilate the surrounding area to a recovery of the forest to decay. completely forested. The experimental program of good Acrg Huai Chiang Mai and successful as an example to other projects later.

Another way is by His Majesty. 
Is that the royal speech. "... Try to do something simple and then eventually a simple and effective is a technicality that automatically ...." Tue Samoeng Chiang Mai is the project" by Father Roy Samoeng people build dam. 80 King present 45 villages 4,500 dam rainy season "which" Phu happiness happy party "chairman loves water, forest organization of Thailand said that a sense of divine grace. He dedicated his Wrkai the treatment of local people suffering Bmrugsuk Turkandar. Organizations are like ????? To celebrate the gift of great sacred Workas has a 60-year reign as a royal gift and charitable agenda in HM 80 rainy season.

"The program has occurred because all sectors recognize the importance of conserving natural resources and environment. Restoring forest and watershed integrity back to the original by creating a small dam upstream on Tue Samoeng large stream of water so that one line. 
Chiang Mai has long pipeline residents ".

"Phu happiness," said the father, Roy is a good project, so Thai people want to help everyone work together. Because the current climate that there is a worry around the world. If Thais do not help. In the future we would have no difficulty forests without water upstream in the dry season.

"This last part was building the dam by 1 spent only 120 baht bag of fertilizer contains 30 bags villagers donated 1.5 meters long bamboo household compost 1 bag per 10 piece bamboo leaves 1 bunch hammer grip targeted villages and create a dam at 100. 
more as needed ".

"Phu happiness", said dam upstream is different form the terrain. This project will focus on the trail Father of integrated water dam slow. Use natural materials to trap sediment. Reduce speed and slow the flow of water. The building in general Lmhgwi 0.50-1 meters 3-5 meters deep.

For dam combination with 6 types.

"Dam sty" is the primary wood core holder. Beat box surrounded. Insert a straw in a sack of sand or soil cement. Sort the rocks in the sty.

"Dam Bamboo" is suitable for areas with more bamboo. Bamboo is used because the core holder. Made within the framework containing soil. Hammer with bamboo core strength to hold the soil. Behind a large stone sort dam.

"Dam sack" suit Lmhgwi a little steep, not much water. Creek not too broad.

"Dam wire mesh" with both Tech and non-cement lap. The less popular players.

"Waste rock dam" fit Lmhgwi a large rock. The steepest least a few of flow.

"Dam folk wisdom" made popular in the northern reaches to block Lmhgwi. And rivers to irrigate the farm mining firm. A dam that villagers made hundreds of years long lasting strength, but care must be repaired every year.

The "soft Arun police Theerasak ?Ѳ??quot; Ret security and military sector, the Royal Project 3, said the rains cause flooding, dry season without water. Because the forest has been destroyed. No moisture left. Tue Samoeng selected and why, even as the mountain stream water, but so. And villagers to work together very well.

"King is the king saying that if we have called a poor management. Not be a book too. Working harmony This is just to be merciful to any. The Queen Royal Forest with people that are compatible. But can not force him to do. Conscious that they must create a united care watershed forests forever. "

"Police Theerasak ?Ѳ??quot; said when the villagers in this area is responsible for dam repair with binding. It appreciates the benefits from the dam. That only adds moisture to the forest area already. Also resulted in the occurrence of forest fire reduction. And soil treatment with pages.

The "bow Pakorn Rich color" Permanent Senior District Samoeng. Villagers said that a dam has helped more than 300 dam was expected on December 5, 2550 will complete or exceed the target. It allows villagers voluntarily participate themselves. We just encourage them to see the value of a dam. Making communities proud.

"This dam is located at 3 years to repair, but if ever the local wisdom. Plus how to get the expertise they will maintain lasting source of water, forest soil to nourish the life of Thai people have for many years ".

Bag of fertilizer or donors interested students to apply the joint effort under the Tue Samoeng Samoeng T. Chiang Mai .0-5348-7105 or call 08-1765-1532.

Is proud to co-present a dam, "father" of the earth.


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